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Hörtipp: Neue Musik im Härtetest
New music in the endurance test

Listening tip: The brothers Volkmar and Peter Klien put contemporary sounds to the test. Every Wednesday from on in Ö1 "Des Cis" and in the "Zeit-Ton Magazin" to hear. All episodes are also available as podcasts.

Echo (2017) ©  courtesy of Nona Inescu and SpazioA gallery
musikprotokoll 2021

The 54th musikprotokoll edition will take place from 7-10.10.2021 in Graz.

SHAPE Artists 2021
SHAPE artists 2021

Explore the artist selection 2021 of the SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art.

Klangforum Wien / Hyperopia
musikprotokoll on air – worldwide

Within the framework of the EBU network (European Broadcasting Union), the concerts of musikprotokoll 2020 were also broadcast by numerous international radio stations.

Nina Šenk und Christof Ressi
Johann‐Joseph‐Fux Prize 2021

The winners of the 8th Johann‐Joseph‐Fux Competition for Opera Composition have been announced: Christof Ressi and Nina Šenk.

CTM Radio Lab 2021

Two winning projects have been selected from an open call for the CTM 2021 Radio Lab, which received 220 applications from 47 countries.

XLR8R-SHAPE Online Festival
Online Festival: SHAPE-Plattform & XLR8R

From November 11 until November 25, SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art will collaborate with the US-based online music magazine XLR8R on a string of exclusive live streams and mixes from a selection of 2020 SHAPE artists.

musikprotokoll dynamic streaming
musikprotokoll dynamic streaming

Explore during 26.10-26.11.2020 selected concerts of this years festival with our dynamic concert streaming project.

Ö1 Radio sehen, Radio hören Transparent
musikprotokoll – on air

All in all, we expect to produce roughly thirty music programs, which listeners in Austria and abroad will be able to tune into (mostly on the Ö1 weekday radio show Zeit-Ton) and also stream online after the broadcast date for another 7 days.

Electric Indigo
musikprotokoll 2020 Photos

Here you can find photos of all projects of this festival edition.

tingles & clicks, Projektsujet
tingles and clicks - online

Outstanding European musicians have created seven sound environments that can be experienced from 01.-31.10.2020 online, via PC and webcam.

musikprotkoll Trailer 2020 Videostill
musikprotkoll 2020 Trailer

Here is our musikprotokoll 2020 trailer for this year's festival theme "Hidden Sounds".

CTM Radio Lab & Kontinuum 2021

Artists can apply for the CTM Radio Lab & Kontinuum 2021.

musikprotokoll 2020 - News - Programm Preview
musikprotokoll 2020

The musikprotokoll 2020 will take place from 7 - 11.10.2020 in Graz. A first preview of the program Hidden Sounds is online.

© ORF musikprotokoll
Homages in Linz

The ORF musikprotokoll project Homages - Austrian Artists Pay Tribute to New York Music can be experienced live once again. This time in Linz as part of Auf ins Wolkenkuckucksheim!

SHAPE Call 2021

SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art announces a new open call for artist submissions for the 2021 SHAPE artist roster.

Jakob Kirkegaard, Fieldrecording
musikprotokoll 2020 image sujet

The image sujet for the musikprotokoll 2020 festival edition shows the Danish musician and sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard during audio recordings in the Navajo Nation in the USA.

SHAPE Showcase bei Urvakan 2020

The “Creative Europe”-supported SHAPE platform announces a large showcase at Urvakan festival in Yerevan, Armenia. -> Due to the current Corona crisis this showcase cannot take place from 5th to 9th May 2020.

© ORF musikprotokoll
musikprotokoll 2020
SHAPE 2020 Künstler/innen
Live performance of »Altered State Solution«
CTM 2020 Radio Lab / Winner

The projects of Dani Gal & Ghazi Barakat and NUM are the winner projects of the CTM Radio Lab Call 2020

© ORF musikprotokoll
Foto-Doku 2019
© ORF musikprotokoll
musikprotokoll 2019 /extra
© Anton Sarokin
Zum Nachhören: Anton Sarokin "Zero plays"
© ORF musikprotokoll, Martin Gross
musikprotokoll 06/10/2019 - Tag 4