musikprotokoll 2019 - online

musikprotokoll 2019 - online

Next Door—The Neighborhood of Europe

Distance and proximity: using these terms to introduce musikprotokoll, a festival that has always promoted the new and yet unheard, might reasonably give the impression that the program addresses the near and the far in an aesthetic sense. While that is true to a certain extent in this year’s festival, we also mean this geographically. Over the past fifty-two years, the range of artists whose works have been heard during musikprotokoll has always represented an internationally diverse group. But even more so in 2019, when geographic distance and proximity form the narrative arch of the program.

Kontinuum - Call for Works

In the age of digital and social media, we constantly receive multiple and often contradicting streams of information that shape our increasingly complex and contested realities. The CTM Radio Lab’s new KONTINUUM commission reflects this situation by offering a singular audio channel to be modulated by one artist (or team of artists) over the period of one year.

Radio Lab 2020 - Call for Works

Radio Lab 2020 - Call for Works

Since 2014, the CTM Radio Lab has been commissioning new works that explore the intersection of radio with live performance or installation within the context of the festival’s yearly theme. The initiative is led by CTM Festival and Deutschlandfunk Kultur – Radio Art / Klangkunst in collaboration with Goethe-Institut, ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst, Ö1 Kunstradio, and The Wire magazine.

musikprotoll 2019 Plakat basierend auf "Karvan Sara 4050" von Arash Azadi

The festival poster of musikprotokoll 2019

The poster is based on a photo of the project "Karvan Sara 4050" by the young iranian composer and interdisciplinary artist Arash Azadi.

We will publish our new program on 18th June 2019.

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