musikprotokoll 2019 /extra

Besides many concerts we presented the lecture "immersive audiovisual experiences" with Michela Pelusio, the "Robotic Workshop" with Katrin Hochschuh and Adam Donovan, the discussion round "Critical Music" with Khyam Allami, Cynthia Zaven, Bushra el-Turk, Deniz Peters and Ö1 Klassik-Treffpunkt Live with Helmut Jasbar and Ilan Volkov.

Anton Sarokin "Zero plays"

Listen to: Anton Sarokin "Zero plays"

Anton Sarokin is a Belarusian media artist whose new radio work "Zero Plays" was commissioned by Ö1 Kunstradioand ORF musikprotokoll. This is a festival for contemporary and experimental music that took place in Graz until 6. October 2019. Ö1 Kunstradio is traditionally represented at the musikprotokoll with a performance or commissioned pieces - and so the programme dedicated to the artist Anton Sarokin can also be heard as an echo of the musikprotokoll.

Ensemble Mécanique

musikprotokoll 06/10/2019 - day 4

musikprotokoll 06/10/2019 - day 4, the last day of this musikprotokoll edition. "Ensemble Mécanique" - a concert for robotic ensemble in the Kunsthaus Graz and the music theatre "Consumnia" in the MUMUTH. Photos: (c) ORF musikprotokoll, Martin Gross

RSO Wien mit Ilan Volkov

musikprotokoll 05/10/2019 - day 3

musikprotokoll 05/10/2019 - Day 3 with the Danapris String Quartet, the RSO Vienna, the Grosse Chromatische Fantasie and the project Inolas Lieder. Photos: (c) ORF music protocol, Martin Gross

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