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  • Jakob Kirkegaard, Fieldrecording

musikprotokoll 2020

07.–11.10.2020, Graz // on stage - on air - online

  • Homages in Linz

    The ORF musikprotokoll project Homages - Austrian Artists Pay Tribute to New York Music can be experienced live once again. This time in Linz as part of Auf ins Wolkenkuckucksheim!

  • musikprotokoll 2020 image sujet

    The image sujet for the musikprotokoll 2020 festival edition shows the Danish musician and sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard during audio recordings in the Navajo Nation in the USA.

  • SHAPE Showcase bei Urvakan 2020

    The “Creative Europe”-supported SHAPE platform announces a large showcase at Urvakan festival in Yerevan, Armenia. -> Due to the current Corona crisis this showcase cannot take place from 5th to 9th May 2020.

Discover projects that were hosted by the EU project SHAPE - Platform for Innovative Music and Audiovisual Arts from Europe.

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