Netzwerke, Gosheven

In 2014, musikprotokoll, together with fifteen other members of the International Cities of Advanced Sound (ICAS) festival network, launched the SHAPE platform for exciting new projects in the field of music and audiovisual arts. From 2014 to 2021, 48 musicians and musical formations were selected each year to be the focus of the SHAPE spotlight for twelve months.

After seven successful years, the EU-funded project has now been extended for the second time. In the process, SHAPE+ is setting new priorities: The thirteen participating festivals are working to successively reduce their ecological footprint. In addition, an artist-in-residence program has been launched. Each festival will host two SHAPE+ residencies, including musikprotokoll. A SHAPE artist will collaborate with two other artists, who will automatically be included in the list of SHAPE Artists 2022/23.