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Shape 2022
SHAPE+ 2022

In 2014, musikprotokoll, together with fifteen other members of the International Cities of Advanced Sound (ICAS) festival network, launched the SHAPE platform for exciting new projects in the field of music and audiovisual arts. From 2014 to 2021, 48 musicians and musical formations were selected each year to be the focus of the SHAPE spotlight for twelve months.

After seven successful years, the EU-funded project has now been extended for the second time. In the process, SHAPE+ is setting new priorities: The thirteen participating festivals are working to successively reduce their ecological footprint. In addition, an artist-in-residence program has been launched. Each festival will host two SHAPE+ residencies, including musikprotokoll. A SHAPE artist will collaborate with two other artists, who will automatically be included in the list of SHAPE Artists 2022/23.

musikprotokoll SHAPE+ Artists 2022/23


1st wave of artists nominated for 2022 roster by ORF musikprotokoll:
1. Katarina Gryvul (UA)
2. Isabella Forciniti (AT/IT)
3. Yara Mekawei (EG/DE)

2nd wave of artists involved in the ORF musikprotokoll residencies 2022/23:
1. Hui Ye (AT)
2. Ulla Rauter (AT)
3. Christine Schörkhuber (AT)
4. Verena Dürr (AT)

Single concerts at ORF musikprotokoll 2022:

  • Katarina Gryvul (UA)
  • Isabella Forciniti (AT/IT)
  • Aho Ssan (FR)
  • Aleksandra Słyż  (PL)
  • Zbigniew Chojnacki (PL)

Artists involved in the residency 1 - musikprotokoll 2022:

  • Yara Mekawei (EG/DE)
  • Hui Ye (AT)
  • Ulla Rauter (AT)

Artists involved in the residency 2 - musikprotokoll 2022:

  • Thea Soti (HU/SRB/DE)
  • Christine Schörkhuber (AT)
  • Verena Dürr (AT)


Find more info here about all SHAPE+ projects at ORF musikprotokoll


About SHAPE+


New European platform for innovative music and audiovisual art co-financed by the Creative Europe programme. Running for the next three years, SHAPE+ will foster exceptional emerging talent, connecting them to local communities and audiences through collaborative residencies with multiple artistic outcomes, commissioned artworks, as well as one-off presentations and performances. Combining an open call and a curatorial selection, the platform members will select a roster of artists to support each year. SHAPE+ currently consists of 13 partners in 13 countries with plans for further expansion, while adopting an interdisciplinary approach and committing to social and environmental awareness.

New partner organizations in July 2023

Mutant Radio will become a permanent partner of SHAPE+. Mutant Radio is a media platform that focuses on various directions: mixes, interviews, educational shows, live performances and discusssion broadcasts that are either live-streamed or filmed and streamed later on. It gathers various artists, DJs, and interesting personalities that have an opportunity to focus on the subject of their preference and their interest. What is unique about Mutant Radio is that it is mobile.

The second new partner is Portugal’s OUT.RA, responsible for organizing OUT.FEST. Started in 2004, and continuously held in Barreiro, Portugal, OUT.FEST is an annual festival celebrating adventurous and experimental music in all its diversity (improvised music, electronics, jazz, contemporary classical music, metal, new idioms), gathering and mapping, in its programme, music vanguard’s history, present and future.

Full list of the 15 SHAPE+ partners



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