Gil Delindro

Zeit-Ton Portrait: Gil Delindro

Every stone was once liquid, nothing in this world is rigid, everything is constantly changing shape, everything is in motion: This is what Gil Delindro points out in his art. He does so with the aid of a host of different media – he draws, photographs, makes films, performances, installations and music. But Delindro has a particular affinity for sound.

Radio Lab Call

CTM 2017 Radio Lab Call

For the fourth year in a row, Deutschlandradio Kultur – Radio Art / Klangkunst and CTM Festival – in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst,

Die logik der Engel: Himmelsleiter

Film: "Die Logik der Engel: Himmelsleiter"

Seven contemporary composers were invited to write short vocal pieces for the project The Logic of Angels. The NOVA vocal ensemble recorded these pieces at the ORF studio, augmenting them with music from the 13th and14th centuries. These recordings constitute the sound material for the installation.

Peder Mannerfelt war einer jener Musiker/innen, die im Rahmen unseres Shape Show Case beim diesjährigen Mutek Festival aufgetreten sind.

ICAS Radio: SHAPE at Mutek festival in Montreal.

Listen to ICAS Radio. Shape at the Mutek Festival in Montreal. Presented by Susanna Niedermayr and Oliver Baurhenn. With: Alain Mongeau, Patti Schmidt, Laura Luna, Jackson, Frederic Guarino (VR Valley Network Montreal), Emilie Grenier, Peder Mannerfelt, Kate Lesta, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Essaie Pas, Political Ritual, Damian Romero and Chico Dub.

Ö1 Zeit-ton extended
Friday, 17. June 2016 | 23:08
The broadcast will be online as a stream for 7 days.

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HELFEN. WIE WIR., eine Initiative des ORF gemeinsam mit NGOs für Kriegsflüchtlinge in Österreich, hilft, die entsprechenden Kontakte herzustellen. mehr >>

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