30 Jahre Zeit-Ton, Grafik
30 years of Zeit-Ton

The great birthday concert on 2.6.2023. The "Zeit-Ton"editors and the ORF musikprotokoll celebrate this birthday with live music and numerous guests.

The great birthday concert.
on air & on site

2.6.2023 | Admission: 19:00 | Start: 19:30
ORF RadioKulturhaus (Argentinierstraße 30a, 1010 Vienna)

Admission free, registration via ORF RadioKulturhaus Kartenbüro
In Ö1: live 2.6.2023 from 19:30-24:00 and 7 days for re-listening on oe1.ORF.at

For 30 years, the Ö1 series Zeit-Ton has presented a wide range of experimental music forms on weekdays from 23:03, from chamber music to club music, from improv to opera. In this birthday concert, we present the diversity lived out in Zeit-Ton live in front of an audience. Sounding birthday presents come from central representatives of the Austrian music scene.

  • Klangforum Wien provides the opening trumpet signals: Krassimir Sterev (accordion) and Anders Nyqvist (trumpet) play the duo "Dirty Wings" by Bernhard Gander.
  • The ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra is represented by a string quartet delegation.
  • The second movement from György Ligeti's groundbreaking String Quartet No. 2 will provide the backdrop for the live performance of two "Zeit-Ton" formats, both of which were nominated for the "Prix Europa": Late-night host Peter Klien and composer Volkmar Klien bring their podcast format "The Klien Brothers" to the stage and subject the work to an endurance test.
  • Composer and violinist Thomas Wally goes into structural depth, putting the piece on his analysis couch.
  • Winners of the Ö1 Talentebörse composition prize interpret their own compositions: Tanja Elisa Glinsner as singer and Mathias Johannes Schmidhammer as pianist.
  • In a talk round with "Zeit-Ton" editors, "Zeit im Bild" presenter (and singer-songwriter) Tobias Pötzelsberger takes a look behind the scenes.
  • After the "Nachtjournal", the colorful round of live performances continues and we expand the musical spectrum. We experiment and search for the new in all imaginable genres, and today is no exception. The second part of our big birthday show starts with Manu Mayr and his double bass. The composer and bassist from the Vienna Jazz Workshop is one of the most versatile musicians of his generation.
  • Electronic musician Stefan Juster aka Jung An Tagen will also celebrate with us and present a musical tour de force through his recent work, ranging from psychoacoustic sound explorations to experimental club music.
  • We will also present our two SHAPE+ Artist Residencies this year. Studio 3 will host the world premiere of "Sonic Exegesis" by Yara Mekawei, Ulla Rauter and Hui Ye. The three artists have each developed their own compositional means and systems of translation to distill and make experiential the music of written text, the abstract sounds in spoken language, and the poetry inherent in the technology of speech synthesis. At the heart of "Sonic Exegesis" is an exploration of the book "How to Disappear" by Egyptian artist and author Haytham El-Wardany, which explores the concept of listening as a form of protest that can be practiced in everyday life.
  • Finally, together with composer Bernhard Lang, organizer Shilla Strelka and Manu Mayr, we look to the future: what are the most exciting socio-musical developments to keep an eye on at the moment?




SELTSAMEN im KLUCKYLAND (Othmargasse 34, 1200 Wien)
2.6.2023, 17:00-22:00 | LIVE: Storytelling Lounge
3.–11.6.2023, 10:00-22:00 | Installation
Während Independent Space Index Festival
25.6.2023, 22:05 | Ö1 Kunstradio

The second SHAPE+ Artist Residency - "SELTSAMEN" by Thea Soti, Christine Schörkhuber and Verena Dürr - can be experienced at Kluckyland. From 5 to 10 p.m., the three artists will invite visitors to their storytelling lounge. For "SELTSAMEN," Soti, Schörkhuber and Dürr have immersed themselves in a joint research on how stories influence our perception of nature and with which narratives we confront the climatic changes on the planet, which we as humans significantly cause. We will report.

SHAPE+, the platform for exciting new projects from the field of music and audiovisual arts of the festival network ICAS, was co-founded in 2014 by ORF musikprotokoll at steirischer herbst. It is funded by the "Creative Europe" program of the European Union. "Sonic Exegesis" and "SELTSAMEN" were initiated by ORF musikprotoll and are a cooperation with Ö1 Zeit-Ton, Ö1 Kunstradio, XX Y X and Kluckyland.