Schallfeld Ensemble
© Maria Frodl
Schallfeld Ensemble

Fri 6.10.2023, 21:30
Helmut List Halle
Beat Furrer / Sehyung Kim / Carlo Elia Praderio / Katharina Klement

The Graz-based Schallfeld Ensemble misses the acoustic connections to the physical world. Carlo Elia Praderio calls his new work Dune. For him, the gradual transitions from solo instrument to ensemble in this acoustic “dune” are metaphors for climate change: small changes with big effects.

Katharina Klement also relates individuals and space: in Monde II, she uses the sounds of concrete mixers filled with different materials such as small balls or nuts. She transfers the resulting loops into a circular spatial concept, analogous to the model of several moons that individually circle to form an open whole, thus creating a coherent monde (world).

Beat Furrer’s Aria is a play about the estrangement and re-encounter of two people. Sehyung Kim sets nine instruments in relation to live electronics and the theme of plastic.


The compositions by Sehyung Kim and Katharina Klement are commissioned by ORF musikprotokoll. The composition by Carlo Elia Praderio is a commission by Schallfeld Ensemble, part of a series of new works that Schallfeld was able to commission thanks to the Province of Styria’s Großer Interpretationspreis 2022.