© Paul Ott
auf molekularer ebene

07/10/2016 - 17:00
TU Graz – Neue Chemie
Klaus Dorfegger (AT), Florian Geßler (AT), Robert Gutmann (AT), Elisabeth Harnik (AT), Hannes Kerschbaumer (AT), Clemens Nachtmann (DE/AT), Dimitri Papageorgiou (GR), Ernst Christian Rinner (AT), Studio Dan (AT)

Molecules pull out all the Stops

Fourteen trumpets, fourteen trombones, seven tubas: Constantin Luser’s “Molecular organ” in the courtyard of the New Chemistry building at Graz University of Technology is a unique, playful and yet serious interactive tubular sculpture and, at the same time, a set of instruments for an entire brass band. This wondrous object was inaugurated at musikprotokoll in 2010, then things went quiet for a while with this sound sculpture. The composers from Graz, from the association known as die andere saite, have now set out to breathe new musical life into the molecular organ. The Studio Dan formation founded by trombonist Daniel Riegler will interpret the nine premieres for molecular organ. Here’s hoping that air molecules will once again pull out all the stops.