Archive - Found Objects

Expeditions to the musikprotokoll archive have brought to light letters, telegrams, objects, ... brought to light.

There is a nice expression: "Daham shopping". So you go to your old closet and pick out something you haven't had your hands on in years or decades. And then you're asked where you bought it now. Exactly, shopping at home. Analogously, on the occasion of the fiftieth musikprotokoll, we went to the cellar. That is, to the basement of the ORF Styrian regional studio, where the musikprotokoll archive is located. Then we picked out things that no one had seen for years or decades. And sometimes you feel like an indiscreet thief rummaging through other people's clothes boxes and letter collections. Shopping at home is not always unproblematic. You can also discover things that you didn't necessarily want to have discovered. Mostly and almost always, however, there is joy over unexpected finds and treasures. Now we show a small selection from it here.