Bildsujet, Renald Deppe
© Renald Deppe
one bubble muggle meets double trouble

07/10/2016 - 23:00
Helmut List Halle
one bubble muggle meets double trouble – Renald Deppe (DE), Hassan Z. Farahani (IR), Manu Mayr (AT)

music engenders wonder. wonder engenders freedom. freedom engenders work. work engenders work!
Trio premiere: Multitasker Renald Deppe joins forces for the first time with an established virtuoso and a rising wizard of live electronic music.

“On the Shifting of Cultural Cartographies” is the subtitle of steirischer herbst 2016. Renald Deppe’s personal artistic map too has seen many a shift – thanks to his exceptional, explorative energy that unceasingly pushes him in various directions. Since the 1970s he has, among other things, repeatedly travelled around Iran, engaging in a lively dialogue with contemporary musicians in this seemingly secluded country. Born in Tehran in 1987, composer and electronic musician Hassan Zanjirani Farahani has come to be one of Renald Deppe’s favourite artistic partners. A saxophonist, clarinettist, teacher, thinker, author, artist, musician, traveller, graphic artist, event organiser, improviser, composer and conceiver, constantly driven by curiosity and his inquiring mind, Renald Deppe frequently invites younger musicians to collaborate with him. Thus the trio constellation at this year’s musikprotokoll is a premiere: Deppe and Farahani will be joined by double bassist Manu Mayr and Renald Deppe will once again be mapping uncharted artistic territory, background noise calligraphy included.