Aleph Gitarrenquartett
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Aleph Gitarrenquartett

08/10/2016 - 19:30
Helmut List Halle
Bernhard Lang (AT), Gerhard E. Winkler (AT), Martin Smolka (CZ), Aleph Quartett (DE), Daisy Press (US)

Cold Songs

Some pieces of music never lose their power to captivate and challenge interpreters and audience alike, and they also have a particular fascination for ever new generations of composers. One of these almost mystical moments in musical history is Franz Schubert’s “Winterreise”, which serves as a source of inspiration and starting point for the work of Bernhard Lang and Gerhard E. Winkler. “Winterreise” as a cold trip and a frosty Blues – the two composers’ approaches to Schubert’s song cycle could not be more different. What the two pieces have in common though, is that they were both written for the Aleph Quartett and New York-based singer Daisy Press.

With Musikgymnasium Graz, Stiftsgymnasium Admont, Ortweinschule, BRG Körösi et al. Co-produced by Conto musicale, Landesschulrat für Steiermark, ORF musikprotokoll.