musikprotokoll 2022
metamuisic Kasi

Since 1997, alien productions have, among other things, been questioning the anthropocentric world view in their projects based on communication and co-operation. Always seeing themselves as part of a system, they pan out spaces in which different intelligences interact: humans, machines, programs and more recently animals. “Ö1 Zeit-Ton” listeners and metamusic blog readers were able to follow this step by step: over the past few months, alien productions have been developing interactive sound installations with which not humans, but parrots interact, as you now can see for yourself at the GrazMuseum. In doing so, they not only build a bridge to territory as yet largely uncharted by artists, but also embark on a balancing act between culture and nature.

The artists' group alien productions (Martin Breindl, Norbert Math, Andrea Sodomka) will take care of the artistical, conceptual and musical issues. Norbert Schweizer is the project manager. He will do his best to keep it all together. Norbert is also a brilliant audio and hardware technician. Iris Baldinger is zoologist and will provide a scientific background to the project. Troughout all the time, we will be accompained by radio journalist and curator Susanna Niedermayr.

musikprotokoll 2013
3.-6.10.2013 | Graz Museum


Commissioned by musikprotokoll. In the framework of ECAS – Networking Tomorrow‘s Art For An Unknown Future, working period 3 “Ubiquitous Art and Music. Art, Sound and the Everyday.”