Auricle - Goldohren
© Josef Klammer

Thu 5.10 - Tue 24.10.2023
Öffentlicher Raum

Augmented decision, or the extended decision: Klammer&Gründler continue their “headphone concerts” with a project in several stages, consisting of a multilayered and multipart audio sculpture developed for the open music subseries hybrid music. It not only makes audio files audible in various parts of the city via smartphones—with or without headphones—but also links them to a multipart live concert at Forum Stadtpark.

Stroll through AURICLE’s geolocated audio avenue from Sonnenfelsplatz via Zinzendorfgasse, then cross Glacisstraße before passing the Stadtparkbrunnen fountain to reach Forum Stadtpark. You can listen to this overture for twenty days at several locations, expanding your auditory perception as you wish. On 24 October, the live finale with Klammer&Gründler and other sound sources takes place in Forum Stadtpark’s concert room.

Percussion, toys, electronics: Josef Klammer
Guitars, electronics, gadgets: Seppo Gründler


A production by open music within the framework of ORF musikprotokoll. With the kind support of the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria.