Josef Klammer
© Eva Maria Traxler
Josef Klammer

Josef Klammer (*1958) used to work as a photographer, later he studied percussion at the University of Music in Graz. Since the mid-1980s, Klammer has been working continuously on the sonic expansion of his instrumentarium and on the exploration as well as transformation of media-immanent musical potentials. He received the Förderungspreis for computer music of the Austrian Federal Ministry, with the Klammer&Gründler Duo the Electronic Award 2003 of ELAK Vienna and in 2015 the Award of Distinction (Prix Ars Electronica). Exhibitions, concerts, sound installations and cross-music projects have taken him throughout Europe, Asia and America. He wrote music for radio, TV and film; radio plays and broadcasts for ORF and composed stage music for renowned European theaters.

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