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Seppo Gründler
Seppo Gründler

Born in 1956, Josef (Seppo) Gründler lives in Graz. As a sound and media artist, “tinkerer” of software and electronics, his main instruments are guitar, electronics and software. He is a visiting professor of sound design at the Danube University Krems, member of the board of directors of the Institute for Media Archeology and of the Society for Dissemination and Distribution of New Music. Gründler has composed music for computer games, theatre, film, media and sound installations. He has presented his works at Ars Electronica, Wiener Festwochen, steirischer herbst, the Knitting Factory New York, Sonambiente Berlin, transmediale Berlin, City of Women Festival Ljubljana, etc. His current live acts include the Klammer&Gruendler Duo, Singing Adorno and solo concerts. Together with Annette Giesriegl he founded and leads the Styrian Improvisers Orchestra.

Bei uns u.a. zu Gast mit:
2020 |
2017 | The Sound of the Internet of Things
2014 | Let’s play Steiermark! / konfrontationen 5
2014 | Seeing Soundscapes
2005 | die große partitur
2004 | 3d klang in echtzeit
2000 | Dunes
2000 | Klangnetze / 2000
1997 | Internationales Simultankonzert