Abluzione is a trans-dimensional portal into an immersive physical space that encapsulates
and overwhelms the senses, placing the visitor at the mercy of the composer’s story world.
Through the VR Audio Experience, an unquestionable reality is constructed, whether real or
synthetic, suspending the visitor's disbelief and enabling true immersion. Although
originating from the act of physical submersion, the term immersion has developed to
describe the act of becoming engulfed by a place or a thing, confining the sensorium of the
visitor transporting them to a time, a place, or even another world.

Full of wonder and wide-eyed exploration, Abluzione’s diversity recognises sound as a living
organism. Reverberating synthetic textures and laced arpeggios transform irreversibly as
they build and grow throughout dense soundscapes. Abluzione suspends the listener
between two extremes, slow sighs of placid sound that ultimately coil, like a snake ready to
strike. It offers reprieves only for the glee of taking them away.

Immersive performances can invoke a form of co-creation that empowers audiences to
become a living component of a live performance. But are we all unemancipated voyeurs at
the mercy of someone else’s story telling? Abluzione makes a powerful statement by pairing
together both the simulacrum of freedom and veiled coercion.


Isabella Forciniti

Analogue synthesizer: Isabella Forciniti


The composition by Isabella Forciniti was commissioned by ORF musikprotokoll. In cooperation with SHAPE – Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe. Supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

Dom im Berg
World Premiere
Dieses Werk gehört zu dem Projekt:
musikprotokoll 2022 | Spacial Adventures