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POPULUS Musiktheater
Peter Jakober / Ferdinand Schmatz
11., 12 & 14.10. | 7:30 pm
MUMUTH – György-Ligeti-Saal

The audience finds itself in the middle of the dystopian circus “Forum Populus,” a dynamic hybrid of circus ring and open forum, with diverse islands on which there is talking, singing, and action. What is spoken is executed, but above all refracted. Here is where the “Is” appears, where they form a “we,” which breaks up again into an “I”hoping and silent inwardly, screaming outwardly, and demanding changes so as to bring about a transformation, not only of everyday life, in a self-determined way.

The political contents emerge from a compositional restructuring of the world and its discourses that situates living together anew and attempts to express it. The music ranges between sonic alienation by means of multiplication, acousmatic processes, and the overlaying of several seemingly independent and yet interrelated layers of sound and tempo. The work hopes to break up predefined, entrenched ways of communicating as well as acting and gives rise to new perspectives.


Music drama by Peter Jakober based on a libretto by Ferdinand Schmatz

Musical direction: Dimitrios Polisoidis (PPCM)

Musical production: PPCM teaching staff from Klangforum Wien

Director: Christoph Zauner

Costumes and scenery: Andrea Meschik, students from the Institut für Bühnengestaltung

Video: Chris Ziegler

Speaker: Christoph Gerhardus

Soprano: Camille Primeau

Alto: Christine Rainer

Tenor: Felix Heuser

Bass: Gao Yichen

Instrumentalists: KUG/PPCM


A production of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz with ORF musikprotokoll. Winner of the 7th Johann-Joseph-Fux-Opernkompositionswettbewerbs des Landes Steiermark


Peter Jakober
Peter Jakober
Ferdinand Schmatz
Ferdinand Schmatz