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The Silbadores / Part 1

herbst Camp – Wohnzimmer
Heimo Lattner (A)

Part 1: Introduction – Work in progress By exploring the phenomenon of voice, Heimo Lattner raises questions of identity and society. To him, the voice is no longer part of the body, nor yet part of language. It is no longer part of the subject, nor yet part of the other, no longer part of biological life, nor yet part of social existence. It is the point of intersection of both, in a place that is in fact impossible and placeless, a place to which we are led by El Silbo, the endangered whistled language of the Guanches, the aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

Fri 05/10, 21.30 | Camp: Wohnzimmer | Heimo Lattner (A) The Silbarores - Live in Ö1