The Silbadores, Pfeiffer
© ORF musikprotokoll, M.Gross
The Silbadores / Part 3

Werner Dafeldecker (AT), Heimo Lattner (AT), Judith Laub (DE), Angelika Sautter (DE), Kico Correa (E)

Against the background of an examination of the mythological, phenomenological, aesthetic and political connotations of the voice, the artist Heimo Lattner journeyed with cultural and political scientist Judith Laub to the island of La Gomera in order to study the whistled language Silbo Gomero. Gomeran whistlers use the inherent traits of what they need to overcome to communicate messages in barely passable areas: echo carries their whistles over long distances. Metaphorically, the echo – the “voice” of space and time – inserts itself as a corrective between the two figures of whistle and voice. Their interplay forms the basis of the composition developed in collaboration with Werner Dafeldecker.