Demi Broxa
© Lisi Charwat
Demi Broxa

08/10/2016 - 23:00
Helmut List Halle
Agnes Hvizdalek (AT), Jakob Schneidewind (AT)

Organic electronic music meets vocals with an electronic touch. Demi Broxa is the joint project of two musicians who have been researching the world of sound with passion and meticulous precision for many years, probing ever deeper into the sound microcosm of their instruments. In her search for new vocal sounds, Agnes Hvizdalek thinks like an electronic musician: In structures, frequencies, tones, highs and lows. Jakob Schneidewind, best known as the bassist of Elektro Guzzi, is a master at weaving techno rhythms with his bass which also pop up from time to time in Demi Broxa’s music. Drawing on a highly versatile sound vocabulary, he reacts lightning fast to Hvizdalek’s abrupt vocal variations, sometimes setting the duo’s musical course, which is always decided on the spur of the moment. Based on free improvisation, Demi Broxa conjure up ever new soundscapes in their concerts.

Projektidee Elke Tschaikner (AT), Christian Scheib (AT), Fränk Zimmer (AT/LU).
Produktion ORF musikprotokoll. Koproduktion Kunsthaus Graz, OÖ kulturquartier – Höhenrausch 2016.