Pôm Bouvier b. aka SiS_Mic (FR)
So 08/10, 22.00
ORF Landesstudio Steiermark – Studio 3

Music, according to multidisciplinary artist Pôm Bouvier b. aka SiS_Mic, invites us on a journey that takes us through the different layers of our memory. Bouvier b. loves to blur boundaries, seeing fragility as a form of time. To her, the moment of dissolution always implies impetus for movement. As the artist sees it, whoever follows this impetus hears the call of life, as everything in and around us is in constant motion. Bouvier b. brings along her self-made sound table, her big feedback speakers, and various materials to Graz. She will only decide which direction the concert takes on the spot. As the artist says, one of the instruments she will be using is the concert space itself: “And I like the idea that we – me and the audience – are inside this instrument during the concert.”

In cooperation with SHAPE – Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe. Promoted by the „Creative Europe“ programme of the European Union. SiS_Mic is SHAPE Artist 2017.