SHAPE+ 2022
SHAPE+ Open Call 2023

SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, co-funded by the European Union, announces a new open call for artist submissions for its next working period 2023/2024. Deadline: 31.3.2023.

SHAPE+ aims to foster exceptional emerging talent, connecting them to local communities and audiences through collaborative residencies with multiple artistic outcomes, commissioned artworks, as well as one-off presentations and performances. Combining an open call and a curatorial selection, the participating festivals and venues will select a roster of artists to support each year.

The artists chosen for SHAPE+ must be willing to choose greener forms of travel when such choice is possible, and are expected to participate either in residencies that include artistic collaboration or one-off performances and presentations as well as publicity activities, educational events and artist meet-ups. 

Open call

Artists can see more detailed eligibility criteria in the application form.

Deadline: March 31, 2023 23:59 CET

Apply here

During its second year, the platform will welcome two new member organizations, expanding its list of partner festivals and venues to 15. 

So far, the members are:

Support for Ukraine

With the war in Ukraine having passed a one-year mark very recently, SHAPE+ would like to encourage its partners and audience to resist becoming jaded by news about Russia’s invasion of this sovereign country – our help and support is needed as strongly as ever. See this resource, prepared by the European Commission to find out how you can donate and help.