musikprotokoll 2022
metamusic new instruments
New instruments and sceptic birds

The parrots apparently mistrust new objects irrespective of how they sound.

Our last visits to the parrots' home of the ARGE Papageienschutz were dedicated to find out how the birds react on new sounding objects brought to their environment. We already knew that they were playful with the tablet, so we decided to try out a new mechanical instrument. Norbert built a prototype of a little birds' theremin, using a shoe box, a wooden bowl, a ball, a rope and four photosensitive sensors. Contained a small computer and two active speakers. Apparently this instrument is not bird proof; we expected that our flock of greys would have it destroyed within seconds.

Nothing of this happened. The birds eyed this instrument suspiciously, fluffed their feathers up and kept big distance. The largest of the birds - nickname "Valkyrie" - did its best to stare the object away. Even Kasi, usually the brightest and most nosey individual, backed off. So Andrea and Marion of the ARGE Papageienschutz were the only odd birds to play the theremin.

We have to find a way to familiarise the parrots with the instruments...