musikprotokoll 2022
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Instrument Ideas Brainstorm (Part 1)

First overview of instruments to build.

It is getting time to think about the instruments and tools to be build for the parrots. Some ideas are floating around between us, and I think it might be interesting to put them together and discuss them further here.

So, let's go into a discussion!

My proposals so far are here:

- Tablet with simple visual patterns (knobs) triggering sounds.

In the study about muscal tastes of grey parrots  the birds choose their preferred music by banging their beak to one of two different visual fields on a tablet. I would like to re-implement this idea and am currently working on a software.

- Swing generating sounds

Parrots love to swing. Such a tool can be equipped with sensors thus being connected to a sound engine.

-  Board with strings

A board holding manila laces tied to return springs. The birds tear on the lace and trigger a sound (maybe infuenced by their force).

- cardboard connected to pickup microphone.

 This one is simple. The parrots love to tear cardboard into pieces. We just amplify the sound of the carboard being shredded. Care must be taken the birds don't swallow the microphone - which would be the ultimate sound experience nevertheless :)