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metamusic ist guest at Höhenrausch 2015 in Linz
Half time for metamusic@Höhenrausch 2015

metamusic ist guest at Höhenrausch 2015 in Linz.

Since end of May 2015, metamusic is realizing it's biggest materialization so far: Nineteen parrots live (and play music) in a huge aviary on the top of the OK - Offenes Kulturhaus in Linz, inside a huge metal structure called the "voestalpine open space". And this is the longest lasting show too: starting from May 29 doors are open until October 18 2015. So, there is still time to go.

From month to month, we invite fellow musicians to do a morning concert with us and the parrots. In August we were honored by the visit of a Roger Eno (he played "Music for Edible Pianos" with us) and on Sunday September 6 violinist and composer Irene Kepl will join us for the forthcoming show. This time, the morning concert is co-produced by the Ars Electronica Festival.