musikprotokoll 2022
Different behaviours and personaltities of the birds during the installation.
Five Individuals

Different behaviours and personaltities of the birds during the installation.

KASI - the young and small bird soon turned herself to an alpha animal thus contending the role of the leader of the pack with the much stronger and taller Rosi. As soon as there was audience in the room, she went forward and wandered from instrument to instrument, to showcase her abilities, sometimes chasing away the other birds. She was the most demanding for attention and especially wanted to please Catharina Markovic-Güttner, the human she liked most.

ROSI - in the beginning, she had a hard time stepping back from her leader role. Of the instruments, she liked the casio keyboard the most, and got at it as soon as Kasi was distracted and freed the way to it. During the days in Graz,  she started to build up a relation with Martin Breindl. As long as he was present, she kept playing on the keyboard, as if she was tring to please him.

JAGO - was not as much interested in playing the instruments, but was the more engaged in imitating their sounds with her own voice. Occasionally, she echoed Kasi playing a sound on the keybard, she repeated it and then sung variations in a different pitch. The two birds produced a melodic interplay, different patterns and improvvisations. Jago was also the most talkative. She greeted
the audience with a hello and said good-bye when they left (or, more precisely, when she wanted them to go away).

JOKI and CHICA - Jokis favourite instument was the sound-swing. He enjoyed sitting on the swing from the first day on - while the sound was still turned of. As soon as we turned the sound on the second day, Joki seemed to enjoy the swing even more. While there was audience in the room, Joki and Chica liked to stay aside and kept in the background while the other birds were showcasing their abilities. But, as the webcam revealed, both gained interest in the instruments during the breaks and in the nighttime, when no human was there and the other birds rested. Joki and Chica were mostly interested in playing the touch screen instrument and it seems that they learned how to play it by observing the others first. Of the two, Joki was the more audacious while Chica took more days to thaw to finally have a heavy session on the Casio instrument.