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metamusic concert 2013
The Concert

A concert featuring parrots and alien productions.

On Saturday Oct 5 2013 we had a live concert with the parrots. The setting was like this: Andrea Sodomka and I sat on stage in a concert room not far from the bird's place. Via a video and sound link we were able to stream and project the bird room into the concert room and we were able to play back from a selection of sound pieces into the bird room. With the birds there were Catharina Güttner, Iris Baldinger and Martin Breindl trying to engage them in plaing the instruments. 

Because of the open microphone lines, the humans in the bird cage were not allowed to speak. Interesingly, also the parrots kept from  producing any human words or phrases - the just kept chirping in the language they use among themselves. So it seems that the presence of humans didi not induce them to speak - one would have to speak to them first.

What I would really like to try on a next occasion, is having everybody - animal and human performers and also the audience- in the same room. I think sharing the same room - and thus the same acoustic experience - would help a lot building up a truly shared sound environment.

on there is a sound recording of the event.