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Sun 8.10.2023, 19:30
MUMUTH – György-Ligeti-Saal
Nina Šenk

The opera canvas is based on a literary source by Slovenian author Simona Semenič, who together with composer Nina Šenkis also responsible for the libretto. Through a change of perspective, the Don Juan story becomes a narrative of four women from different origins. The work presents their stories as a narrative kaleidoscope in a multilayered crossfading of identities.

The four heroines are united by their love for the same man. He is the canvas for their dreams, desires, and longings; each sees something different in him. All the storylines converge in one moment: a young woman in the hospital takes her last breath. Nina Šenk uses a variegation of new sounds for maximum musical immediacy. Her composition transforms feelings into sound images that can literally be experienced physically.


Prize-winning work of the 8th International Johann Joseph Fux Competition for Opera Composition of the Province of Styria and the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. A production by the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, the Institute of Music Theater, in collaboration with PPCM Vocal and Instrumental. In cooperation with ORF musikprotokoll. Further performances within the framework of abo@MUMUTH: 9.10., 10.10., 11.10., 18:00.


Composition: Nina Šenk
Libretto: Simona Semenič
Singers: Melis Demiray, Lavinia Husmann, Laure-Catherine Beyers, Marija-Katarina Jukić, Ellen Kelly, Christine Rainer, Justina Vaitkutė
Instrumentalists: Studierende des Masterstudiengangs PPCM instrumental
Musical direction: Gerrit Prießnitz
Stage production: Ingo Kerkhof
Scenery and costumes: Katharina Zotter
Acting coach: Magdalene Artelt
Musical assistance: Santiago Padilla Ramírez
Production management: Alexander Irmer
Artistic supervision (singers): Holger Falk
Artistic supervision (instrumentalists): Dimitrios Polisoidis