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opus mors, Jakob Kirkegaard
opus mors
Jacob Kirkegaard
11.10. | 4:00 pm
Dom im Berg

In opus mors, the Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard cautiously approaches the conclusion of life – death. Kirkegaard describes four sonic environments in which the human body usually finds itself postmortem: a morgue, an autopsy, a cremation, and the process of decay. The sound occurrences connected to them, which one will never be able to sense with one’s own body, are hidden in a twofold sense. On the one hand, these environments are not accessible to the public. On the other hand, explicit knowledge of what happens to the body after death is a frequently avoided and/or taboo subject. Kirkegaard’s work is a haunting and intimate sound meditation that puts us in these four spaces of death.

Jakob Kirkegaard
Jakob Kirkegaard