Homage à Jeanne Lee by Elisabeth Harnik
Homages – Graz

„A tribute to a singer, dancer, poet, composer, improviser, educator, and working mother who embraced avant-garde and took a multidisciplinary and intercultural approach to her work, always listening with the entire body for the miracle.“ (Elisabeth Harnik) “On 52nd Street I realized Jean [sic] Lee is clothed and fed by her voice. That’s the same street my aunts and uncles were born andblack on, so 52nd and 10th means something to me – like a people who come out with what they can carry: love, sweat, blood and song. Though everything we know is wonderful and rich, we, as a people, hide, to keep it safe. Jean Lee don’t. [. . .] We got a woman among us who isn’t afraid of the sound of her own voice.” Lee by Harnik
(From Ntozake Shange’s review of a 1981 performance at Soundscape in New York)

Elisabeth Harnik

Eine Koproduktion mit dem Austrian Cultural Forum New York. In Kooperation mit der Holding Graz, der Akademie Graz und dem designforum Steiermark.

Stadtwerke-Haus (Holding Graz)
Akademie Graz
designforum Steiermark
Austrian Premiere
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musikprotokoll 2017 | Homages