musikprotokoll Slice 2016
musikprotokoll 2016

Musikalische Kartografien [Musical Maps]

From time to time we need to check our personal cultural maps for terrae incognitae. For example, where does our concept of “old music” end and where does it begin? Baroque? Renaissance? When it comes to music from the 13th and 14th century, the map tends to get a bit more sketchy. And the early Middle Ages sometimes feel downright strange.

What discoveries are to be made then, when Vokalensemble NOVA create a picture puzzle of perception made up of very old and very new music at musikprotokoll! A shift in cultural maps based on the factor of time. musikprotokoll 2016 stretches our globe of charted worlds of music in all directions.

Composers Bernhard Lang and Gerhard E. Winkler, for example, discover unsuspected topographies in Schubert’s “Winter Journey”; Renald Deppe surveys new territory together with Tehran-born composer and electronic musician Hassan Zanjirani Farahani; Deena Abdelwahed situates her art in the coordinate system between Tunisia and Western Europe; 85-year-old composer Alvin Lucier ventures along those narrow paths traced by the movements of a cellist’s bow arm; performer Blixa Bargeld manoeuvres his audience along tortuous paths of voice and language; in a joint expedition, RSO Vienna and Klangforum Wien climb the peak of powerful orchestral and ensemble premieres; the SHAPE project organised by the ICAS festival network – a European platform for innovative music and audiovisual art – points the compass towards young music scenes yet to be charted.

musikprotokoll at steirischer herbst sets sail for many a hidden realm on its journey this year.

Preface by Elke Tschaikner


Here you find the program of musikprotokoll 2016:



Direction Elke Tschaikner (AT)
Curated by Susanna Niedermayr (AT), Elke Tschaikner (AT), Christian Scheib (AT) & Fränk Zimmer (AT/LU)

Production steirischer herbst, ORF Radio Österreich 1, ORF Landesstudio Steiermark

In cooperation with OÖ kulturquartier, Kunsthaus Graz, Kunstuniversität Graz, Ö1 Kunstradio, die andere saite, Conto musicale, Landesschulrat für Steiermark, esc medien kunst labor, Deutschlandradio Kultur – Hörspiel/Klangkunst, CTM Festival, SoCCoS – the Sound of Culture, the Culture of Sound initiative, Goethe Institut, SHAPE – Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe, ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound

Supported by the “Creative Europe” programme of the European Union, Stadt Graz, Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.

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