musikprotokoll Slice 2010
musikprotokoll 2010

Going to extremes, to the limits. Or operating from behind the limits: when the attitude of the socially virtuoso trickster manifests itself as art, for pleasure or out of necessity, it may be a radically sustained self-experiment (Marino Formenti), an artistic questioning of cultural boundaries as seen from Banja Luka (Sebastian Meissner & Serhat Karakayali), compositional virtuosity at the limits of what can be done with instruments (Arditti Quartet, Klangforum Wien and the RSO Vienna), ostensibly anti-virtuosity combined with the expectation of virtuoso perceptive capacity on the part of the recipient (Klaus Lang), or the intersection of abstraction and rock-the-house (Radian). musikprotokoll at steirischer herbst 2010 operates on and behind the borders of musical virtuosity.

musikprotokoll 2010 program book cover