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Kurt Laurenz Theinert
Kurt Laurenz Theinert

Kurt Laurenz Theinert (*1963) is a light and media artist. In his work he focuses on visual experiences that have lost their pictorial reference. Theinert creates multimedia-based light environments – live, abstract and spatial with 360° panoramic projections. A spontaneous, active dialogue is possible without the need for a technical connection between the image and the other artists involved (musicians and dancers). Instead he uses the unique “visual piano” he invented together with Philipp Rahlenbeck, the only instrument of its kind in the whole world, which allows him to fill spaces with lines, forms and colours in real-time without resorting to employing pre-produced clips. His “visual piano” performances have been presented all over the world, from Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, and Berlin to New York and Singapore.