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Concha Jerez
155h 4' 33'' - 2044 spaces of 4‘33‘‘

25/09 bis 17/10/2010
esc medien kunst labor
Concha Jerez

The entrance, the stairs, the exhibition rooms, the adjacent rooms: Concha Jerez plunges into the structures of the existing spaces, that have become almost immaterial as a result of habituation, and immerses herself in what is given. The place and its sounds become the artistic work: and what has evaporated from perception regains its presence. We can experience lost time. At the same time, the audiovisual installation serves as a frame for a concentrated dialogue between art, bio-engineering and nanotechnology, sociology and technology experts on their methods and forms of constructing reality. How do models of interpretation work in the electron microscope, what ideas of endowing meaning lie in participative models of urban development, how can expertise be played back into everyday urban life?

Concha Jerez (E), concept and realisation