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Klaus Lang
Preisverleihung Andrzej-Dobrowolski / 2010

09/10/2010 - 21:45 Uhr
Helmut List Halle
Klaus Lang, Peter Jakober

Klaus Lang’s new piece for solo guitar is an emphatic counter-position to ideal, virtuoso instrumentalism: the focus is not on the player with his highly developed fingering techniques, speed and will to perform, but rather the sound of the ten-string guitar itself. The Norwegian Anders Førisdal takes a microscopic look at layers of sound and time, with the aid of amplification and effect editing, thus creating a feeling of sitting inside the body of the instrument itself, in the middle of a fine, three-dimensional universe of harmonics and guitar sounds.

Klaus Lang (A) der blauäugige fremde (Austrian première)

Klaus Lang (A), composition / Anders Førisdal (N), Solo guitar