(aus: Caretos de Vila Boa de Ousilhão, from the series “WILDER MANN”, 2010-2011)
© Charles Fréger
Andi Stecher

06/10/2016 - 23:00
Dom im Berg
Katharina Ernst (AT), Andi Stecher (AT), Antti Virtaranta (FI/US)


In the pieces for his solo debut, Andi Stecher explores the musical potential of alpine Perchten processions. Brutish, earthy, powerful, wild and elemental were qualities for which the musician tried to find acoustic analogues; states that he thought his way into while composing. Perchten also inspired him as symbolic precursors of fertility. Once the old has been driven out, the new can be pushed ahead. Andi Stecher’s solo debut is a nod to the rhythm of nature and a solemn appreciation of transition in general, as something that is constantly bringing human life to flourish anew. At musikprotokoll, “austreiben/antreiben” will be showing for the first time in the trio version, including new, as yet unpublished pieces from this series.