club panamur
© Georg Klüver-Pfandtner / Stefan Beer
club panamur

24/09 – 15/10
Kuenta i Tambu (NL), Sarah Farina (DE), Moddi (NO), Marmo & Harmlos (Pomeranze) (AT), Lotic (US), Kablam (SE), Why Be (DK/KP), Flamingods, live (GB/BH), Aïsha Devi (CH), $$$TAG$$$ (EG), Bosaina (EG), Hussein Sherbini (EG), Ismael (EG), NAA (EG), u.a.

On four weekends during the festival, club panamur invites you to the Orpheum with a transnational programme of music and subversively playful architecture.

club panamur is a temporary venue, a pop-up retreat for the festival nights, a meeting point beyond the genre categories of the music industry. The programme looks at the intersections between global music and club cultures and focuses on hybrid forms of music, boundary crossings and the mixing of sounds, genres and working methods. Tambutronic from the Caribbean, Ethiopian Funk and shamanistic Rave, Cold Wave from Japan, Psychedelic Pop from Bahrain and various DJ collectives from Cairo, Berlin and Lisbon: Eleven concerts and DJ nights at club panamur invite international musicians to Graz to conjure up their scene for a night. Especially for these nights, artist Georg Klüver-Pfandtner and architect Stefan Beer create a shimmering, vital club parasite that digs down deep into its host – the Orpheum – and infiltrates the renowned performance venue playfully, subversively and subtly. The artists “queer” the rooms, shifting entrances, rotating familiar visual axes and perspectives and creating a darkly glamorous dance floor in the heart of the club. The foyer also becomes an inviting space, with an improvised Laubenschenke bar, drawing on the traditional Buschenschank as its visual inspiration, but exaggerating and distorting it, humorously mixing in absurd arrangements of objects.

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Co-produced by Deutschlandradio Kultur – Hörspiel/Klangkunst, CTM Festival. In cooperation with Goethe-Institut, ORF musikprotokoll, Ö1 Kunstradio, esc medien kunst labor und SoCCoS – the Sound of Culture, the Culture of Sound initiative.