Crystal Sounds Lab
Crystal Sounds Lab
Andy Cavatorta (US) & Tom Huber (DE)
Fr 06/10, 14.00
Helmut List Halle

In their lab, Andy Cavatorta and Tom Huber combine crystal-clear sounds and the sound of technology based on a newly developed musical instrument.

The “Crystal Sounds Lab” builds a bridge between art, technology and science in innovative projects and cooperations. In collaboration with New York artist Andy Cavatorta and Munich musician and producer Tom Huber, they probe the fascinating contrast between analogue and digital spheres, exploring this sphere with the aid of an innovative musical instrument. Quartz-like gallium phosphate crystals cultivated by AVL in a world-first process as the result of a long-term interdisciplinary research project serve as the source of sound for the heterodyne instrument. In the course of “Crystal Sounds Lab”, the audience gets an insight into the genesis and further development of this experimental musical instrument and also has the opportunity to get actively involved in the development process.

Production AVL Cultural Foundation. In cooperation with musikprotokoll.