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Werner Dafeldecker
Werner Dafeldecker

Born in Vienna in 1964, Werner Dafeldecker has a background in European modern music and improvisation, examination of graphical notations, fluxus, minimal music, electroacoustic music, jazz and field recordings. His musical projects are often inspired by outside influences such as architecture, physics, photography and film. Dafeldecker’s work as a composer and musician revolve around long-time sound and structure studies and the formulation of distinct articulations, and parallel to technological developments, is often connected with electronic formats. In 2014 he released his collaboration project with Lawrence English, a series of audio-visual installations, on the album Shadow of the Monolith.

Bei uns u.a. zu Gast mit:
2018 | Shadow of the Monolith
2013 | In The End It Is All About Me
2011 | Esperanza
2011 | the cold monolith
2002 | Film ist.
2002 | wrapped islands
2000 | Sound Without Picture
1998 | Take 1