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Elisabeth Schimana
Elisabeth Schimana

Elisabeth Schimana has been working as a composer, performer and radio artist since 1983. She studied electroacoustics and experimental music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, computer music at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics in Graz, and musicology and ethnology at the University of Vienna. Her artistic work is centred around space/body/electronics. She has collaborated for years with Kunstradio on ORF. She also founded the IMA Institute of Media Archaeology and has focused her research on women in art and technology. Elisabeth Schimana gives lectures and holds composition workshops all over the world.

Bei uns u.a. zu Gast mit:
2017 | Homages
2017 | Homages / Eröffnung
2017 | Homage à Max Brand by Elisabeth Schimana
2017 | Homage à Max Brand by Elisabeth Schimana
2013 | Virus #3 für Orchester
2005 | die große partitur
2001 | sitting in my chair
1997 | aus den Tiefen von Sinnen