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Angélica Castelló
Angélica Castelló

Angélica Castelló is a Mexican-Austrian composer, recorder player, electronic musician and sound artist. She studied music in her native town of Mexico City, later in Montréal, Amsterdam and Vienna. Her compositions, abstract improvisations, electroacoustic works and performances are characterised by a magic sonic realism (realismo mágico sonoro), and yet they are inspired by very real people and true stories. Her extravagant style can be heard on various CDs, for instance on her solo CD Bestiario (mosz 024), and experienced in a variety of settings, from live performances to sound installations (elektro altar, faunanosiva: cheap love). She has received a number of commissions, has played at international festivals and regularly collaborates with renowned musicians from all over the world.

Bei uns u.a. zu Gast mit:
2018 | sonic blue (Linz)
2018 | sonic blue (Linz)
2013 | sonic blue /Installation
2013 | sonic blue
2013 | sonic blue. Die Entstehung einer Komposition.
2013 | Kunst im Anthropozoikum
2011 | A journey into the Mind of P.P.
2008 | it's a small world