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Steven Hess
Steven Hess

Steven Hess, based in Chicago, is a drummer and sound artist whose work explores the intersection of experimental composition and more traditional rock song structure. His distinctive style, which draws equally from minimalism, abstract metal, improvisational jazz, and ambient electronica, is a crucial element in a diverse range of bands, including Locrian, Pan American, Innode , Cleared, No Business For Dogs, and Haptic. A versatile and much-sought-after collaborator, Hess has also worked and recorded with many of the most important artists in contemporary music, including Christian Fennesz, Robert Hampson, Reto Mäder, Jon Mueller, Aaron Turner, Boris Hauf, Tony Buck, Sylvain Chauveau, and Christoph Heemann.

Bei uns u.a. zu Gast mit:
2013 | innode
2013 | No Business for Dogs