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Works as a composer, pianist and performance artist. Main interest is the realisation of musical-performative architectures, particularly sociological and urban conditions of form. Researches relations between various art forms, such as music, dance and fine arts. List of works includes ensemble pieces, short operas, sound installations, photographs, drawings and performances.
Commissions for compositions and performances by the Vienna Künstlerhaus, Klangspuren Schwaz, Soundings London, 4020-Festival, Janus Ensemble, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Festival Echt/Falsch, Tanzzone 3, European Capital of Culture Linz09, E_May, Chicago Sound Map, Vienna Seminar of Nobel Laureates, among others. 2006 one-year stipend from SKE, Austria. 2009 START-Stipend for composition from the Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture, Austria. 2009 Theodor Körner Prize, Austria. 2012 Anton Bruckner Stipend, Austria. Juun spent five years in London, currently lives and works in Austria.

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2013 | No Business for Dogs