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Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
Jorge Sánchez-Chiong

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1969, Sánchez-Chiong studied with Francis Burt and Michael Jarrell in Vienna where has been living and working as a freelance artist since 1988. He is a member of NewTon Ensemble and co-founder of the group of composers Gegenklang. Taking the spontaneity of improvisation as a point of departure, Sánchez-Chiong often pushes the boundaries of the traditional concert setting by extending his work into the realms of experimental theatre, video art, dance and electronics and by focusing on the close collaboration with artists from different disciplines and stylistic genres. His compositions have been premiered at the Konzerthaus Berlin, Mozarteum Salzburg, Odense Koncerthus (Denmark), Konzerthaus Wien, Congress Graz as well as the Salzburg Festival, steirischer herbst and Wien Modern.

Bei uns u.a. zu Gast mit:
2015 | Tanto nadar para morir en la orilla
2015 | notturno.ondacorta
2008 | The Opposite of Art/The Art of Opposites
2006 | Talks / 2006
2006 | stolen mercury
2006 | We are not in Kansas anymore für elektronisches Quartett
2006 | tránsfuga
2001 | Xtended versions