water whispers - 3
water whispers

World premiere of the radio piece water whispers by Franziska Thurner, Abby Lee Tee and Manja Ristić on Ö1 Zeit-Ton.

Two pieces were created following the SHAPE+ Artist Residency by Franziska Thurner, Abby Lee Tee and Manja Ristić at the end of July in Harrachstal. The premiere of forest floodlights took place on the first concert evening in the Dom im Berg. The radio piece water whispers celebrated its premiere two weeks later at Zeit-Ton.

For water whispers, Franziska Thurner, Abby Lee Tee and Manja Ristić also immersed themselves in the forests of the Austrian-Czech border region, followed the tracks of ants, beavers, crayfish and otters, explored the hydrogeomorphology of various forest streams and listened to sediments or insect choruses.

A landscape criss-crossed by small but watery bodies of water and forest slopes, in which past and present, nature and modern society, personal and collective history resonate almost tangibly. The now invisible border along the former Iron Curtain is only visible through different types of land use and the relationship to natural spaces.

Ö1 Zeit-Ton | 19.10.2023 - 23:03 Uhr
"forest floodlights" und "water whispers"
musikprotokoll 2023. Klangerkundungen im österreichisch-tschechischen Grenzgebiet
Gestaltung: Susanna Niedermayr


Produced as part of a SHAPE+ Artist Residency commissioned by ORF musikprotokoll. Franziska Thurner, Abby Lee Tee & Manja Ristić are artists of the SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and interdisciplinary arts co-funded by the European Union.

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