Personal Soundscapes

Personal Soundscapes

How does your everyday sound? A hands on project to listen in.

As part of an online art project initiated by musikprotokoll, for months school-goers throughout Styria were collecting sounds, listening in their everyday lives, exploring and recording their personal soundscapes: they have now processed, layered and arranged the sounds of their lives and translated them into art. The result is a kaleidoscope of “Personal Soundscapes” and at the same time a young sound image of the province, which can be heard and modified online on the project website. ORF Kunstradio embarks on a journey through the mountains and valleys of these acoustic landscapes. 

You can do audio recordings with our Personal Soundscapes smartphone app or just use your own recording gear to send us fragments of your acoustic everday. This website allows you to search, to collect and to download soundscapes of all users of this project. The result is a pool of audio files, that could be used to build your own soundscapes composition.

Become a soundscaper and visit our project website:

Commissioned by musikprotokoll & ORF Kunstradio. In co-operation with Auphonic, siacus, & Landesschulrat für Steiermark.

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