Hörtipp: Neue Musik im Härtetest
New music in the endurance test

Listening tip: The brothers Volkmar and Peter Klien put contemporary sounds to the test. Every Wednesday from on in Ö1 "Des Cis" and in the "Zeit-Ton Magazin" to hear. All episodes are also available as podcasts.

Here, the questions you have always secretly asked yourself when listening to contemporary music are voiced and answered. Klien asks Klien - and at the end, the brothers assign degrees of hardness for each composition, in a point system from one to ten.

"This is quite fun to listen to. Traffic accident in a goose farm. And in the very back, a steamboat sails away and toots. So this goose farm must be by the sea." Peter Klien - as was to be expected - does not mince his words when describing his first impressions of a work of new music.

Composer Volkmar Klien does not allow himself to be provoked, calmly raises an eyebrow and explains instrumentation, genesis, playing techniques. That is the concept of a new series.