musikprotokoll 2020

Herbst in der Steiermark

Hidden Sounds
7.– 11. 10. 2020, Graz

Since 1968, the festival musikprotokoll im steirischer herbst, produced by ORF, has seen itself as a laboratory for contemporary and experimental music, as a scout for the new and future. This edition is again accompanied and documented by numerous broadcasts in the programme of Radio Österreich 1. The 53rd edition of the festival will take place in Graz from 7 to 11 October, and this time it will hold the ear to hidden worlds of sound. Hidden Sounds.

We would like to present different approaches to tracking down and working with hidden sounds. Here, music enables an approach to a technically measurable or imagined reality, which is not or rarely perceptible by means of human senses. The "exploratory machine" music encounters this reality, transforms it and generates new worlds of sound, only to leave it behind again in a next step.

These sound explorations are interpreted by the RSO - Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, top national and international contemporary music ensembles and musicians from SHAPE, the EU festival network for innovative music and audiovisual art. The concert programme will be complemented by sound installations, lectures, workshops and Graz listening walks that make the unheard audible.

Direction: Elke Tschaikner
Curated by Rainer Elstner, Susanna Niedermayr, Christian Scheib, Elke Tschaikner and Fränk Zimmer

Production: ORF Radio Österreich 1 and ORF Styria regional studio.
In co-production with steirischer herbst.
In cooperation with Kunstuniversität Graz, Ö1 Kunstradio, SHAPE - Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe, ICAS - International Cities of Advanced Sound, Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark, MUWA - Museum der Wahrnehmung, IEM - Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik, Akademie Graz, esc medien kunst labor, Conto musicale, Landesschulrat für Steiermark and die andere saite.
With the support of the program "Creative Europe" of the European Union.

The full program will be published online in June 2020.

Radio Österreich 1 Bild

Mo-Fr 23.05Uhr
Radio Österreich 1

ORF Kunstradio

So 23.03Uhr
Radio Österreich 1

RSO Wien

Das ORF Orchester
mit Schwerpunkt Neue Musik.