musikprotokoll 2014 in Ö1

Ö1 Tasche

The radio-makers from Ö1 love live broadcasts. But only after the show do they know whether it was a success. Whether listeners could feel the atmosphere of a concert during the transmission, whether the right questions were asked and the right words found. Live radio is a high-adrenaline risk. Just as new music is always a gamble. Premieres in particular have the potential to become legendary. They can, of course, also go awry. musikprotokoll has always been a festival devoted to the adventure of new music. And it has always been a radio festival. That is to say, a double adrenaline kick.

All musikprotokoll concerts are broadcast on Ö1. The festival also offers several opportunities to get involved in the making of radio. “Ö1-Kulturjournal”, “Spielräume” on Thursday and “Ö1-Klassiktreffpunkt” on Saturday all welcome visitors!

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Mo-Fr 23.05Uhr
Radio Österreich 1

ORF Kunstradio

So 23.03Uhr
Radio Österreich 1

RSO Wien

Das ORF Orchester
mit Schwerpunkt Neue Musik.