Das musikprotokoll 2016 in Bildern

mp16 Fotocollage

20 world premieres, 7 Austrian premieres, more than 280 artists from more than 30 countries. 6000 visitors our concerts at Helmut List Halle, Dom im Berg, Kunsthaus Graz, TU Graz, MUMUTH and esc medien kunst labor. - Big thanks to our artists and to our great audience !

We are working on musikprotokoll 2017 - see you here in Graz to celebrate the 50th edition of our festival !

Here you find some photos from musikprotokoll 2016:

Until 22.12.2016 you can listen to the musikprotokoll 2016 concerts at Radio Österreich 1.


Your musikprotokoll Team!

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Radio Österreich 1

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So 23.03Uhr
Radio Österreich 1

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Das ORF Orchester
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